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December Show Update

Gosh December has been a busy month! We moved to a different region of New Zealand and things have been very hectic. Tucked in there between the move and Christmas, we also had two horse shows. 

Southern Hawkes Bay Dressage Championship Show

Near the beginning of December we attended the Southern Hawkes Bay Dressage Champs show. Astro and I had never competed on the Danniverke grounds before but we really enjoyed it. Astro was super well behaved all weekend. I love how reliable and trustworthy he is at shows! He definitely doesn't fit the 'crazy thoroughbred' stereotype! 

Our first test was at 7:30am on Saturday morning! Bright and early! We had to deal with the worst of the weather too. It was so ridiculously windy I'm not sure how we didn't blow away! Astro was a trooper and did his job without complaint despite the very strong winds. 

Our other tests throughout the weekend were good. I felt that the scores we received were a little on the conservative side and we may have deserved marks that were a smidge higher. But it is what it is! That is dressage for you. Sometimes I leave the arena unhappy and get a higher score than I predicted, so it definitely swings and roundabouts! 

One thing I was very pleased about during our last test, 1D, is that we managed to canter across the diagonal and come back to trot after X without disuniting! It has been something we have really struggled with, especially last season. We can do the movement successfully at home, but at shows it seemed to fall apart. At shows we had only completed that movement successfully twice, and had unsuccessful attempts about ten times! So it was super nice to get that one right.

Over the weekend I made friends with a few of my neighbours which was good! Its always nice to meet friendly new people and have a bit of support, and someone to talk to at these events. Especially when I attend all of these shows by myself! It can be a little lonely.

Saturday night when I tucked myself up in bed it got very windy again. So windy in fact, that at 1am on Sunday morning, after trying to sleep for the previous four hours but being unsuccessful because the wind was trying to tear my tent down, I got up, unpegged my tent, and dragged it into my horse float to try and sleep in there because at least I would be more sheltered from the wind!! My lovely float neighbours woke up in the morning and found my tent missing and me nowhere to be seen and were worried I had blown away!! It was a valid concern given the rough night we had! It was so very nice and most appreciated that they cared enough to come looking for me.

Taihape Dressage Championship show

The weekend before Christmas we set off to Taihape to attend their Championship show. We went to this show last season and it was one of our favourites, so I was really looking forward to it this year. It is a really fun show with a Christmas theme and Santa handing out the ribbons at prizegiving, spot prizes etc.

We had a pretty good show to be honest! We managed to get a second and a fourth placing throughout the weekend. We were also lucky enough to win a spot prize too!

There were three judges for one test, and one of those judges gave us a score of 71.98%! That scoresheet was so awesome to look at. There was not a 6 or 6.5 in sight! All 7's and even a few 8's! Obviously that is now our new favourite judge. If she could judge us all the time that would be great! Haha. 

We had some good company and support at this show too. I really like hanging out with my new dressage friends! 

No camping mishaps this time. However we did have a few test mishaps. Sunday morning I'm not sure what happened - I just wasn't riding him well and we didn't have it together at all and our score reflected that! Sunday afternoon I managed to get a course error *facepalm*. I was so sure we were ment to be doing a trot circle in that spot I was very confused as to what was going on! Once I realised my error I remembered the rest of the test perfectly and we completed it without too many problems. Poor Astro having to deal with his silly mum. Whoops!

Anyways, I guess that's it from us for now! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday break! Xx

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