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You either add more leg or more bling
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Show number two!

Hi everyone!

You may have read my last blog post about our first championship show of the season. Well, the very next weekend we attended our second! This one was Bay of Plenty Dressage Championships held at the National Equestrian Centre. It was held over three days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (which was a public holiday - Queens birthday).

Pre Show Drama

As to be expected with Astro and I, there was a bit of drama. If you follow us on Instagram you may be aware that things don't often go smoothly for us haha. After our show at Manfield I gave Astro two days off. On Wednesday evening I went to catch him for a ride. I watched him run down the hill towards the gate and he literally pulled off his shoe right in front of me *facepalm*. No Wednesday evening ride for us.

I got hold of my farrier hoping that he would be in the area the next day. Unfortunately I was out of luck - he had been nearby on Tuesday. My farrier lives an hour and a half away and comes to the area once a week. He wouldn't be able to put the shoe back on until the next week. There are no other farriers in my area. The show was two days away. Panic ensues!

I desperately tried to find a farrier that could meet me at the show to put the shoe back on. After many texts and phone calls I managed to get hold of my old farrier who lives in Taupo and he was able to meet me at the show grounds on Friday afternoon. I wasn't planning on going to the show until early Saturday morning, however those plans quickly changed! Friday afternoon it would be! It meant an extra night camping at the grounds but it had to be done otherwise I wouldn't have been able to attend at all.


So Friday I had the day off work to pack and head over to the show grounds.

The farrier arrived a little later than originally planned (an hour later ekk), but he did arrive and we got the shoe back on thank goodness! There was no show farrier, so he was a little worried about lots of others approaching him while he was there, but I was parked in a corner and I don't think many people noticed him, so he was relieved haha. 

We didn't have much time left before the arena familiarisation finished so I quickly saddled up. We went out to the arenas to have a ride around before they closed. I got 10 minutes of arena familiarisation in and managed to walk around the arenas that I would be riding in over the weekend so that was good. I then continued to ride on the warm up surface since we hadn't ridden since the weekend. He was a good boy, although a tad energetic!

After that it was back to the float to plait, dinner for Astro and I, then bed!




We had one dressage test scheduled for Saturday. It was a bit messy with a few mistakes from Astro and I. But that's ok. We got through it without massive dramas. I put the general untidiness down to the lack of riding throughout the week. Not to worry. Sunday was another day and we could try again then!
I didn't do much else on Saturday! Watched some of the dressage action. Had a nap because Friday nights sleep wasn't the best. With these three day shows, I do wish they would squish them together and run them over two days like most of the other premier league shows. I would have loved to do two tests on Saturday, two on Sunday then head home for a rest on the Monday!


Sundays two dressage tests went better than Saturday so that was good. Unfortunately we still had a few mistakes in each test so lost some vital marks. We ended up with scores of 65.54% and 67.31%, and two 6th placings in very large classes. Unfortunately the rosettes only went to 5th haha! Oh well. Lucky I don't do it for the ribbons, although it is nice when you get one!

The afternoon test in particular was not without drama. I was scheduled to ride after a friend. I was watching her test and then when she was close to finishing I went to trot a few circles before I had to enter the arena. While my back was turned something happened and when I looked back she was on the ground! People were already tending to her and someone had caught her horse so there wasn't much I could do. Astro and I stood there watching, hoping she was ok. She was on the ground unmoving for quite some time and it was very concerning! 

Eventually she was helped up and the class could recommence. Unfortunately I was a bit flustered and Astro was grumpy as he thought we were finished for the day. So as mentioned earlier, we had a few mistakes. However we did end up with our best score of the weekend - it would have been a very good score if we had kept it together, but that is the nature of the game. These things happen. I'm pleased we managed to score as well as we did! 


One more dressage test left for us to do! At this point Astro and I are both pretty exhausted! Having shows two weekends in a row, and this one being three days long, definitely caught up with us.

At home Astro lies down to sleep every day. At the show I hadn't seen him lying down at all and my camp site was right outside his paddock! On Monday morning about half an hour before I needed to catch him, Astro lay down for a nap. It was so bloody cute my heart hurt! Thankfully he got up before I had to catch him as I don't know if I could have brought myself to wake him.

We did our last test and didn't have any mistakes as such, but Astro tripped over twice and we were lacking energy throughout so lost marks for not being forward. That's ok! I was very proud of my boy and how he tried for me despite how tired he was. He is the best.

It was then time to head home. Narla (Astros paddock mate) was very pleased to have him back and Astro was pleased to get home and rest.

No more shows now until December so lots of time for us to recover and work on a few little things. Take care my friends, until next time Xx

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