You either add more leg or more bling
You either add more leg or more bling
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The first of many: Nikki!

About me

Hi everyone, I am Nikki! I am from the beautiful country of New Zealand and I live with my partner on his family farm. I spend my week days in an office job in town and my evenings and weekends riding and helping out on the farm. I am an animal and nature lover and am lucky to live in such a stunning place!



I do not come from a horsey family so my interest in horses as a young girl was very random! But I loved them and spent a lot of time reading books and magazines about them and just being a generally horse crazy kid. I saved up my pocket money for weeks on end and did extra chores for my grandparents, neighbour’s etc. to earn money until I could afford riding lessons! I actually fell off during my second lesson, but that didn’t stop me from coming back again!


When I was 12 or so we found a small pony stud that was starting to give a few riding lessons for a little extra income. We hit the jackpot here, going from group lessons of 20 kids to private lessons at a considerably cheaper rate than the local riding school. My riding went from strength to strength and I was eventually able to attend a few shows on the studs ponies. I continued riding there all through high school. 


I never had my own horse until I was able to afford to purchase and care for one myself This didn’t happen until I was in my 20’s and finished university. I guess the moral of that story my friends, is that with time, passion and determination you can get there too! Keep going, you can do this! 


The Horses

I now own an off the track Thoroughbred gelding named Astro. We have been together since April 2016 and boy has it been a journey and a half! We have learnt a lot together and I look forward to us continuing to grow and improve. He might be trouble, but he is the light of my life and I am grateful for him every single day.


We compete and showing and dressage, but also try to do lots of other fun things too. We do a lot of hacking and hill riding and only school in an arena once or twice a week. I would also love to start doing some more pole work and small jumps in the future, as variation is always so good for our horses bodies and minds!


My partner owns a grey Thoroughbred mare names Narla. She started her life as a racehorse before spending some time as a polo pony. She then did a lot of hacking and farm riding, before coming to us to be my partners farm horse. She is a very sweet old girl and you may see her feature occasionally in some of my pictures on the blog and my Instagram!

The Future

While it’s always hard to know what the future holds, I would love to continue competing Astro in Dressage and learning and improving. This season I hope to consolidate all our learnings from last season and everything we worked on over winter and post some competitive scores at level one. 

Further on from that, I would love for us to move up to level two and also complete our first Musical Freestyle test. I haven’t put a timeframe on this goal as we all know that sometimes things happen and life can get in the way! But the goal is there, and now it’s in writing, so one day (hopefully not too far away!) it will happen!

I look forward to sharing my adventures and learnings with you all. Feel free to follow and interact with me on Instagram (@nf_equine). I would love to meet you!

Take care xx

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