You either add more leg or more bling
You either add more leg or more bling
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LHS Photography

"A passion for horses, photography and a former modeling career are the perfect combination to capture you and your best friend in the most beautiful way possible." 


While our lovely horses might not be around us for our whole lives, they do make our lives whole. They complete us in a way no person can. And this is why it is important to cherish the memories we have of them. Memories that will fade over time, but just one look at an old photo and it takes you right back. And that is exactly what we try to create when we capture you and your horse.*

We are not only price competitive, but we will make sure that all your needs are met when it comes to capturing you and your best friend. 


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Terms & Conditions 

The following terms and conditions apply for every photoshoot done by LHS Photography. 

- All photo's have copyright and a small logo. Publishing any photo's without it is forbidden unless agreed upon. (Get in touch if you want photo's with no visible logo)

- Photo's are not allowed to be sold or used for commercial purposes unless agreed upon.

- No editing permitted (e.g no filters etc.)

- If Social Media forces you to resize an image and the logo vanishes because of it, please mention LHS Photography and let the author 'LHS Photography' know. (E.g mention our Instagram page: LHS.Photography_

- For every cancellation within 24 hours we will charge you 40% of the total photoshoot price. 


If any of the above rules aren't followed a 20,- NZD charge per day will apply.


*Please note that we mainly work in the Hawkes Bay region.